Dr.Malagaonkar’s Progenesis Fertility Center,Advanced Center for Reproductive Medicine

High pregnancy rate

Chances of success above normal Indian range.Because we have such high success rates, we can offer a guaranteed pregnancy option to our patients, something which no other Indian clinic does as yet.

Get a free Second Opinion

Dr. Malagaonkar could be happy to provide second opinion on your problem.This is a free service I provide as a labour of love ( I believe in karma, and feel that by helping you, I am helping myself !

 Personalized Care

We take care of all our patients ourselves. We offer the latest technology all under one roof, including ICSI, IUI, embryo freezing, blastocyst transfer, using the best equipment.

We Provide the Best Services for You



Provides most advanced methods and technologies of IVF-ET.

Blastocyst Transfer

Provides high success rate of  Blastocyst Transfer using top class methods.

Uses  advance  technique of ISCI like micro manipulation technique.


Provides State of the art facilities for Laser Assisted Hatching.

Surrogacy and Donor

Arrange medically and socially tested sperm, Egg Donor & Surrogate of nearly match quality


Top Class High End IVF lab among the best in the world.




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