How to improve sperm morphology

The birth of a baby entirely depends on the sperm and ovum- the male and female gametes respectively, without which no baby can be born! Even if you opt for the artificial modes of birth, you will still need a healthy sperm and ovum for the same. While the ovum or the female gamete is fertilized by the sperms,

Tips to Prepare for a Pregnancy

There isn’t possibly be any other thing that would make you as happy as being parents. When becoming a mother might sound incredible it comes in with a lot of concerns. Every woman needs to prepare herself to undergo the beautiful journey of motherhood.

Every pregnant woman is merely expected to follow certain pregnancy health tips from a healthy diet to maintain appropriate nutritional balance.

Things to avoid in pregnancy trimesters

Pregnancy is a very delicate period for women. They face several physical changes which affect their body for the rest of their lives. Women also tend to become very vulnerable and emotional due to the hormonal changes they go through. The mother’s body nourishes the baby and hence the healthier the mother, the healthier the baby.

Premature Ovarian Failure: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Ovaries produce estrogen which stimulates and regulates the ovulation and menstrual cycles. When the woman is nearing her menopause, the ovaries become less functional. It means that the estrogen production is reduced and the fertility is affected.

This is a natural process in women. If the ovaries stop producing estrogen at an early stage,

Do I Need a Second Opinion about My Infertility Diagnosis?

Infertility is something that none of us wants to experience. It is painful, demeaning and makes the couple vulnerable.  In fact, it also takes a significant toll on the couple’s interpersonal relationship.  It is essential to treat infertility as the sooner it is done, the better it is for the couple.

When it comes to infertility,

7 key lifehacks to cope with infertility

It is very important not to be obsessed with the fact that you are ​​not able to conceive. Also blaming your partner does not help. That is because you don’t become infertile by choice, rather it was something that was out of your control or conscious choice. In today’s world, there are many infertility treatments that are helping a lot of infertile couples to have healthy children.

The Value of a Second Opinion

Pregnancy is a very crucial period in a woman’s life. There are various things that the woman needs to take care of, what she eats, what she listens, how do her reports look, does she need to get more supplements to fill the deficiency and many more things.

During this phase,

Egg Freezing and Embryo Freezing

Age is one the strongest factor when it comes to fertility. The younger the person, more the fertility. In females especially it holds true. Women have a finite number of eggs that they produce throughout their lifetime. The eggs reserve starts to reduce with every menstrual cycle. The quality of the egg also starts to degrade with age.

Chromosomal Abnormalities and IVF

IVF treatment is being used by many couples these days as an alternate method of pregnancy. Earlier, there was skepticism about the health of the child born through IVF. The children born with IVF treatments were believed to have birth defects which arise due to Chromosomal abnormalities.

The conceived embryo may have an abnormal number of chromosomes.

Thyroid Conditions and Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Thyroid Conditions and Risk of Pregnancy Complications

Pregnancy is the most wonderful and happiest time in a woman’s life. Like there are variety of problems that cause infertility, thyroid disorders are also one of them. Not necessary that thyroid disorders are all present before pregnancy, they can also emerge after you conceive.

Since thyroxine is the most important regulatory hormone in the human body,

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